Team Building, Stress Management and Meditation


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a powerful technique to help all of us make more of our own potential, and to relate better to others in the workplace, at home, in the community, and in our lives generally.


Scientific Evidence for the Benefits of Meditation

Recent research by prominent neuroscientists in the United States has shown that for experienced meditators, activity in the area of the brain associated with happiness is more persistent. Moreover, it also appears that experienced meditators don't get nearly as flustered, shocked or surprised by unpredictable events as do non-meditators. (Owen Flanagan, New Scientist, 24 May 2003)


Meditation and Work

Meditation helps us develop our potential in ways that have a positive effect upon our work and general well-being. Regular practise of meditation can help individuals to:

· Bring greater concentration and focus to the tasks in hand

· Develop the ability to see and respond to situations with clarity and creativity

· Cultivate a better understanding of others, leading to increased harmony and shared sense of purpose

· Deal more calmly with potentially stressful circumstances

· Experience increased energy at work and at home


How Is This Done?

Regular practice of two meditation techniques - one designed to cultivate mindfulness or awareness, the other designed to develop an attitude of kindness and openness to others - is all that's needed. Special meditation techniques for relaxing body and mind can also help.

At Wellbeing and Meditation these meditation techniques are taught only by proven teachers who are themselves experienced, practising meditators. Courses can be designed to meet the specific needs of each situation.


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